Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Stow, MA

Model DFC1382


The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has replaced their existing fleet of Hazardous Materials Response units with ten state-of-art units from Hackney. These ten units replace those purchased from Hackney in 1997. They are placed strategically around the state.

  • Hackney DFC1382, 23.5-ft hazmat body with twelve (12) side-load roll-up door compartment
  • 918 cu.ft. of useable space, calculated using actual pass-thru dimensions only.
  • Drop/Pinch frame technology for 40” floor to ceiling compartment depths
  • Spartan MetroStar MFD 6-man cab/chassis
  • 450 hp Cummins 9-liter engine; Allison 3000EVS automatic 6-speed transmission
  • 270-amp Leece-Neville alternator
  • 21,500 lb. front axle ; 24,000 lb. rear axle with Alcoa LvL aluminum wheels
  • Fold-down step platforms to assist reaching upper storage areas of side compartments (8)
  • 95-gallon overpack storage at low floor level
  • Electric Awnings on left and right side of body with perimeter curtains
  • V-MUX Multiplexed electrical system with color LCD control panel recessed into dash
  • Whelen LED light bar and upper and lower zone warning lights and 90 series LED scene lights (6)
  • LED vertical compartment strip lights recessed into side walls of all compartments and roof compartment lids
  • Color backup camera
  • 12,000 watt Onan QuietOne diesel generator mounted inside right front compartment
  • 240VAC Hannay cord reels with 200-ft 10/4 cable (2)
  • Whelen Pioneer LED Brow-mounted floodlLights (2)
  • Whelen Pioneer LED side cab roof mounted floodlights (2)
  • MagnaFire 750-watt floodlights; (2) each side body, (2) rear body
  • Will-Burt NS4.5-3600 NightScan Light tower mounted on cab roof behind roof perimeter limb guard
  • 120VAC air conditioner on cab roof for cooling cab when engine is shut-down


Commonwealth of Massachusetts Commonwealth of Massachusetts Commonwealth of Massachusetts Commonwealth of Massachusetts