Montgomery County, Maryland

DFC1173ADS on Spartan Gladiator LFD


Montgomery County, bordering the northwest metro area of Washington, DC, has purchased two Special Operations and HazMat vehicles from Hackney mounted on Spartan Gladiators with 425 hp Detroit Diesels and 20-ft ADS bodies.

The three-door cab features a command center in the rear of the cab with stainless desk wrap-around desk and aluminum cabinets. A compartment is located just behind the driver for interior and exterior access to electronic monitoring equipment.

Wheelbase was a major consideration in the design of the trucks due to the heavily congested streets and highways throughout Montgomery County. However, the hazmat team also required the capability of transporting all necessary response equipment on a single apparatus. That was achieved with the Hackney drop/pinch frame design that allows 40” compartment depths from floor to ceiling, vastly increasing the storage capacity of the vehicle. Additionally, they specified the Automatic Deploy Staircase to maximize storage capacity and equipment access on the roof. This affords almost 750 cu.ft. of space in the lower compartments alone, plus an additional 130 cu.ft. on the roof for a total useable storage capacity of approximately 880 cu.ft.

Awnings are provided on both sides of the body. A 25kw PTO generator provides power for a light tower, side body, front cab brow and tripod flood lights and all auxiliary power outlets and reels. All compartment lights, emergency warning lights, traffic advisor, tail lights, and ICC lights are LED.

Cavernous storage is provided in the 40” deep side compartments. Large capacity trays and slide-out tool drawers provide organized storage for quick access.