Homeland Security



Cincinnati, Ohio

Special Operations Vehicles


The Cincinnati Police Departments SWAT Division received a Hackney model FC0786 Tactical Vehicle mounted on a Freightliner M2 with Caterpillar C7, 300 hp engine and Allison 3000EVS transmission.

The 20.5-ft long body features eight exterior storage compartments and a forward interior logistics compartment. The forward logistics compartment has two 6-ft wide x 74" high gun lockers with roll-up doors for storage of multiple tactical weapons in a secured area. The compartment can also be utilized as a changing room.

Exterior compartments were custom designed to accommodate vest, bunker gear, shields, helmets and other logistics and tactical equipment for large deployments. The rear compartment also serves as an exterior command center with slide-out desk and deployable marker board. This compartment and personnel are protected by a rear body mounted awning. SCBA bottle storage tubes are located in the left and right rear wheelhouse panels.

The multiplexed electrical system permits special application circuits for use during night tactical operations, such as disabling the headlights and marker lights, without interfering with other electrical system controls.