Homeland Security



Raleigh, North Carolina

Mass Casualty Response Vehicle


Wake County, North Carolina purchased a Hackney model DF1082 mounted on a Sterling cab and chassis with vertical exhaust. Wake County serves the capital region of central piedmont North Carolina, home of the Research Triangle Park, several universities and high tech industrial sites. The primary mission of this vehicle is to support multi-casualty situations.

It is outfitted to be a base of operations for the Medical Branch at large scale incidents. Specialized compact portable equipment is available for use by EMS Strike Teams triaging and treating patients on a complex scene.

Equipment and supplies are stored according to triage levels for the establishment of a treatment area/casualty collection point. The vehicle contains all the necessary equipment for establishing a state-of-the-art responder area. From hydration coolers, thermal cooling chairs, folding benches, to an extensive array of medical monitoring equipment, this truck is suited to assist responders at all types of incidents. All of the rehab equipment is packaged to move - whether up a street or up 30 floors to support the Rehab Group during a high-rise fire scenario. In addition, the truck is equipped to function as a Paramedic response unit, as well as in support of the Wake County EMS Special Operations teams.

The truck is available regionally as needed and is a primary response asset to incidents at Raleigh-Durham International Airport. The unit is currently stationed at the Public Safety Center on Davie St. in Downtown Raleigh. It is staffed during the daytime by Administration and other hours by designated ambulance crews that are stationed at the PSC.

Jonathan Olson, Division Chief – Management Services, states that “in designing the apparatus, personnel looked back at deficiencies on incident scenes in recent years and focused on designing a single response vehicle with enough volume of storage space to transport critical equipment.” Hackney was identified as a prime supplier due to its vast compartment storage space, enhanced by the drop/pinch frame. The body provides an incredible 925 cu.ft. of fully useable storage capacity.

A primary need identified was lighting. This unit is outfitted with significant primary lighting, including a Will-Burt tower and body lamps on each side, tripod lighting on the rear, and underbody lighting. It has dual 200' power reels with distribution blocks to allow the establishment of lights in proximity to the truck using portable ground and stand lights. To get even further away, the truck is equipped with 3 Honda 2KW portable generators. The truck also serves as a point to recharge batteries on extended scenes as it is equipped with both radio and defibrillator battery charging units. On the chance that the unit is deployed in time of major disaster, it is outfitted with an ICOM VHF/UHF/HF amateur band radio - as well as standard public safety VHF, UHF, and 800Mhz VIPER radios.

For more information on how this vehicle is utilized and equipped, contact Division Chief Jon Olson at 919-856-6022. The vehicle was sold by C.W. Williams and Company.