Heavy Duty Rescues



Lawton, Oklahoma

Model DFC1176R


Looking for a single response vehicle that would provide multiple functions, Lawton chose Hackney because of the significant amount of useable storage space within a minimum wheelbase. They selected the DFC1176R with 733 cu.ft. of useable storage space in lower body, plus roof compartment storage (calculations based on actual door pass-thru dimensions).

  • Spartan MetroStar LFD with 20” raised roof
  • 450hp Cummins ISL9 engine
  • 18,000# front independent air suspension
  • 24,000# Neway rear air suspension
  • 17” disc brakes
  • Aluminum alloy wheels
  • Automatic tire chains
  • 5-man seating capacity with large compliment of rearward facing storage cabinets behind driver/officer
  • 40kw, 3-phase Onan PTO generator mounted inside the left front compartment to protect from corrosion.
  • Scott 26 cfm breathing air compressor with Ingersoll cast-iron block operating at only 1000 quiet rpm’s.
  • RevolveAir fill station with four (4) 6000 psi ASME receivers.
  • Hannay utility air hose reel in upper rear
  • Nightscan light towre with six 900-watt Magnafire flood lights – multi-directional
  • 900-watt MagnaFire flood lights upper side body (4)
  • 750-watt tripod flood lights – left rear (2)
  • Pioneer PFP2 LED flood light on front of cab roof
  • Hannay cord reels (2); 200-ft 10/4 cable and power distribution junction boxes
  • Hydraulic rescue tool hose reel in front bumper
  • Hydraulic rescue tool hose reels in rear comp’t (2)
  • V-MUX multiplexed chassis and body with color VISTA control panel, graphic displays for door ajar and light tower extended, scrolling textual warnings.
  • Rearview color backup camera
  • Whelen NFPA LED warning light package with 72” light bar and integral Opticom
  • LED Traffic advisor light bar upper rear with integral auxiliary brake lights
  • Federal PA4000 siren with (2) speakers in bumper
  • Federal Q2B siren with driver/officer foot switches
  • Hadley air horns in bumper (2)
  • Recessed LED strip compartment and roof lid lights
  • LED ground lights
  • Command desk behind driver/officer seats with 68” high cabinet on street side and 37” high storage cabinet on curb side and storage beneath desk. Stainless work surface and 120vac power strip across back.
  • 10,000# winch receivers in front bumper, left side body, right side body and rear body
  • Drop-down step platforms in side compartments for safe equipment access
  • Recessed shelf tracks in side walls of all compartments
  • Stokes basket and backboard storage tunnel accessible from either side
  • Slide-out tool boards (2) – 36” deep floor to ceiling
  • Slide-out SCBA rack for eight complete SCBA’s with backup and go donning
  • Spare SCBA bottle storage tubes (24)
  • Speedi-dry dispenser hopper in right rear wheelskirt panel
  • 170” long and 140” long roof storage compartments
  • ZICO roof access ladder