Heavy Duty Rescues


Otsego County EMS-Rescue

Gaylord, Michigan

Model DFC1164-R24


Otsego County is located in  northern Michigan , closely situated between Lake Michigan on the west and Lake Huron on the east. The famous Mackinac Bridge to the Upper Peninsula is just to the north. Having operated a Hackney heavy rescue during the past  eleven years, there was no question that the replacement would be another Hackney.

  • Spartan MetroStar LFD with 24” raised cab roof
  • Cummins ISL9, 450 hp engine with Allison 3000EVS automatic transmission
  • 270-amp alternator with six (6) high cycle batteries
  • Automatic snow chains (might need these in northern Michigan)
  • 28” extended front bumper with two (2) hydraulic hose reels and pre-connected Hurst tools
  • Q2B in center of front bumper
  • Hadley air horns (2)
  • Federal PA4000 siren with two (2) bumper speakers
  • Two rear facing and two forward facing rear seats with EMS medical cabinet with locking roll-up door between rear facing seats
  • Hackney 19.5-ft heavy rescue body with eleven (11) roll-up door compartments and  24” deep recessed roof
  • Drop/Pinch Frame
  • 10,000# receivers under front and rear bumper and left and right side body with 12vdc winch power connections
  • 9000# Warn portable winch
  • Recessed adjustable shelf tracks in side walls of all compartments
  • Transverse tunnel in top of forward wheelhouse compartment for stokes basket stretcher and four (4) long backboards
  • Transverse tunnel in aft wheelhouse compartment for Little Giant ladder
  • Recessed wheelhouse compartment access steps fore and aft of rear wheel opening and access step bar across rear wheels
  • Drop-down step platforms in left and right front compartments
  • Automatic Deploy Staircase (ADS) roof access. Provides safe access to two 24” deep roof storage compartments without obstructing rear extrication tool compartment. ADS deploys by depressing a single button in under 35 seconds.
  • SCBA spare body storage tubes in right aft wheelhouse compartment (9)
  • Oil Dry Hopper in right rear wheelskirt panel that hold 80# of granular material
  • Electric deploy full body length awning on left and right side of body
  • V-Mux multiplexed electrical interfaced with chassis V-Mux. Vista LCD display panel controls all lighting and chassis related systems. Graphical and textual warnings when doors are open, awnings are extended, light tower deployed. Remote diagnostics.
  • LED tail lights and clearance lights
  • LED compartment light strips recessed vertically at the outer edge of each compartment providing full lighting above and below shelves and trays.
  • Whelen 12vdc halogen scene lights: upper left and right side of cab; upper left and right side of body (4); upper rear body (2).
  • Whelen PFA2 Pioneer LED flood light up front of cab
  • Whelen 72” UltraFreedom LED light bar
  • Whelen LED warning lights in all upper and lower zones meeting NFPA.
  • 25kw Onan PTO generator mounted in left front compartment to protect from treated Michigan roads
  • 125-amp, 24-place breaker panel in face of generator housing facing user for easy access and visibility
  • 240VAC cord reels (2) with 200-ft 10/4 cable and power distribution boxes on end of cord
  • 120-VAC strip outlets in exterior compartments (3)
  • Removable tripod flood lights  left and right rear body
  • 900-watt MagaFire flood lights on upper left and right side body
  • Will-Burt NightScan light tower recessed in forward roof with (6) 900-watt MagnaFire flood light heads
  • 3.3 cu.ft. refrigerator
  • Electric rewind utility air hose reel
  • Hurst hydraulic rescue tool hose reels: (2) in front bumper; (2) upper rear extrication tool compartment
  • Streamline couplers on all Hurst reels


Otsego County EMS-Rescue Otsego County EMS-Rescue Otsego County EMS-Rescue