Heavy Duty Rescues



Yonkers, New York

Model DFC1273RC


Yonkers Police was searching for a manufacturer that would assist their Special Operations Team with the design of a whole new concept for their Emergency Services Unit. They needed a single vehicle that would serve not only the conventional responses for rescue and forcible entry operations, but also a vehicle that would support SWAT operations and long-term tactical operations with command and control center.

Hackney was chosen for the mission and delivered a completed apparatus that met and exceeded all criteria. The chassis of choice was a 3-door Spartan Gladiator ELFD with 24” raised roof. It is powered by a Cummins ILS, 400 hp engine with a 6-speed Allison 3000EVS automatic transmission.

The 20-ft Hackney aluminum body features twelve (12) exterior compartments and a weapons storage vault accessible through a secure locked door from the rear of the cab interior. Access is limited to the weapons locker through locked exterior cab doors to locked room access door to individually locked storage cabinets.

The control room in the rear of the cab has a 66” long desk behind the driver and officer seats and a 48” long desk along the streetside wall. There are three (3) belted seating positions in the rear, one fixed seat behind the officers seat and two (2) swivel seats in front of the desk work stations. Aluminum storage cabinets are arrayed above the work stations.

The exterior compartments are provided with huge storage capacity due to utilization of the Hackney drop/pinch frame technology providing 40” deep storage from the lower floor to the top of the compartments. The design affords not only full utilization of all available space but make storage and retrieval of equipment safe, convenient and quick.

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  • Integrated tool box with (4) heavy-duty drawers in left rear: (1) 4” high; (3) 8” high; all 36”W x 20”D
  • Roof top storage compartments
  • SCBA bottle storage tubes in wheelskirt panels (5)
  • Full body length electrically deployed awnings on left and right side
  • V-MUX multiplexed electrical system matching cab system
  • Digital textual message center on cab dash warning of doors open, roof compartment lids open, awnings deployed, and camera tower not nested
  • All LED marker and tail lights
  • LED rear traffic advisor light bar
  • Upper side and rear body 12vdc halogen scene lights activated either manually or automatically when in reverse mode or when respective turn signals are activated; (1) each side of cab; (2) each side of body; (2) rear body
  • Recessed LED compartment lights on side walls and roof compartment lids providing light at all levels above and below shelves and trays
  • Whelen LED light bar on cab roof
  • Whelen red/blue LED warning lights meeting NFPA1901 requirements around body
  • Whelen electronic siren with (2) bumper mounted speakers
  • Grover air horns recessed in front bumper (2)
  • Color rearview camera activated manually or when in reverse
  • R-Vision color nighvision camera mounted on 34-ft pneumatic tower recessed in front of body
  • LCD monitor connected to the camera tower over the cab work station
  • Video recorder with 500GV storage
  • 25kw PTO generator
  • Hannay electric cord reels, 240VAC with 200-ft 10/4 yellow cable split into two separate 30-amp circuits in power distribution box on end of each cable run
  • Tripod Flood lights; (2) Havis MagnaFire 750-watt mounted on the rear of the body
  • Upper side body 240VAC flood lights; (4) Havis MagnaFire 900-watt
  • Front cab brow flood lights; (2) Havis MagnaFire 750-watt
  • Refrigerator beneath cab interior work station desk
  • Hurst Simo hydraulic power units; electric (2) mounted in rear compartment
  • Utility air compressor; 240VAC mounted in body with strategically placed air outlets