Light Duty Rescue


Springville Fire Department

Springville, Alabama

Model  LR0764


Located in the beautiful rolling hills of north Alabama , Springville lays along I-59 just north of Birmingham and serves a response area compiled of residences and vast farmlands. The department was looking for an agile small rescue truck that packed a lot of punch and equipment, therefore selecting Hackney due to its ability to provide lots of storage capacity in a small response vehicle.

  • International TerraStar
  • Maxxforce 7, 300 hp diesel with Allison 1000EVS automatic transmission
  • Aluminum alloy wheels with stainless steel hub and lug nut covers
  • Vehicle Data Recroder (VDR)
  • 45-amp battery conditioner and 20-amp shorepower
  • Tire pressure monitors
  • Tow Eye plats through rear kick panel (2)
  • 10,000# Class V trailer hitch
  • Recessed adjustable shelf tracks in all side walls and partitions
  • Transverse storage tunnel with drop down door in upper front compartment for stokes basket stretcher and long backboards
  • Spare SCBA bottle storage tubes (8)
  • Hackney 12.5-ft all-aluminum body with integral roll-up doors
  • Stainless steel fenderettes
  • Ladder compartment on roof with lift-up access door for storage of: 10-ft folding ladder; extension ladder; and (6) pike poles
  • SpaceSaver two-bottle SCBA fill station with cascade fill panel.
  • Electric awning on right side of body
  • Visonplex multiplexed electrical system
  • LED marker and tail lights
  • Whelen LED scene lights: one left and right and two upper rear
  • LED compartment lights recessed in side walls of compartments and partition.
  • Whelen 55” LED light bar on cab roof
  • Whelen LED upper and lower zone warning lights
  • Federal PA300 electronic siren with bumper mounted speaker
  • 12vdc power strips in cab console and exterior compartment connected to battery conditioner for power auxiliary equipment and radios
  • Rearview color backup camera
  • Harrison 10kw hydraulic generator mounted on forward roof freeing up body storage space
  • Breaker box and generator controls located beneath left front upper compartment floor facing the operator for easy access and visibility
  • Hannay electric rewind cord reel with 200-ft 10/3
  • 4-outlet power distribution box on end of reel cord
  • 750-watt telescoping flood lights on left and right front body
  • 750-watt removal tripod flood lights on rear body (2)


Springville Fire Department Springville Fire Department Springville Fire Department Springville Fire Department