Mobile Air and Light



Decatur, Georgia

Medium Duty Rescue & Mobile Air


Chief Jerry Malone is a man with a vision and a mission. His mission was to create an emergency response vehicle that would provide multiple missions in a single unit within the budget constraints of the city. By multi-purpose, Chief Malone wanted a vehicle that would provide routine day-to-day rescue response capabilities, plus serve as a mobile air unit capable of manufacturing breathing air on-scene. After spending a considerable amount of design time with the Hackney Special Ops Team, a design was approved and specs released. The result was the purchase of a Hackney DF0973R Emergency Support Vehicle. The nine compartment body was mounted on an International 4400 with 330 hp engine. The body featured a recessed roof with storage compartments and light tower below roof line.

A 40-kw, 3-phase PTO generator provides power to operate the 20-hp, 26.5 cfm breathing air compressor, a light tower with six MagnaFire flood lights, upper side body recessed flood lights, cord reel and multiple outlets. The Scott Avenger air compressor integrates the unique RevolveAir fill station and also supplies utility air to an air hose reel for operating air tools and inflation devices.

The back compartment is dedicated to hydraulic extrication tools. The compartment is 73" high x 42" wide x 40" deep floor to ceiling. It features two electric rewind hydraulic hose reels in the top of the compartment and the utility air hose reel beneath the hydraulic reels. All hose deploys and retracts through a slide-out hose roller guide. Slide out trays provide storage for the hydraulic tools and accessories.

The multiplexed electrical system operates all 12VDC systems, which includes an all-LED Whelen lighting package, scene lights, traffic advisor, etc.

A transverse compartment in the upper front compartment provides convenient storage for a stokes basket stretcher and two long back boards. Rescue air bags are stored in special slots next to a slide-out SCBA rack that accommodates four complete SCBA's in a back-up and go configuration and eight spare SCBA bottles.

A 9000# electric Warn winch is provided and can be operated from four 10,000# receivers around the apparatus (front, left and right sides, and rear). An full length awning is provided on the right side of the body providing rehab facilities and protection during operation of the air system.