Mobile Air and Light



El Dorado Hills, California

Mobile Breathing Air Unit


El Dorado Hills is a rapidly growing community on US 50 east of Sacramento, in the picturesque Sierra Nevada foothills. The departments requirements for high pressure breathing air and logistics of providing that air on quick demand lead them to investigate the merits of a mobile breathing air unit that could manufacture air anywhere, anytime and at a high demand pace. With one successful Hackney Air Truck already in long time service at SacMetro and another identical unit on order, Hackney and American Bristol were the logical choice.
The chassis of choice was the new International 4400 with 330 hp engine. The chassis was equipped with an Allison MD3060 transmission, air conditioner, alloy wheels and air suspension seats.

The body is a Hackney DF0773A, 7-compartment with drop/pinch frame. The 74" wide wheelhouse compartment easily accommodates the 20-hp, 26.5 cfm Ingersoll-Rand 6000 psi compressor and six 6000 psi ASME air storage vessels. The 73" high rear compartment is designed specifically for the RevolveAir 2X2 fill station with LE5000 computerized fill controls. The rear bumper has is recessed in the center to permit the operator to stand a close as required to the fill station and controls. One of the best qualities of the system is how quiet it is during fill operations. Unlike some aluminum block compressors that are screaming at high rpm’s, the Ingersoll-Rand is operating during a full charge cycle at only 950 rpm’s. A normal conversation can be conducted at the fill station during fill operations.

The Hackney electrical system is multiplexed and features an integral modem that permits field diagnostics and even reprogramming via a telephone connection to the factory.

Twenty five (25) spare SCBA’s are also transported within the body, along with two complete SCBA’s. A 40kw, 3-phase PTO driven generator provides power to the air compressor motor, a NightScan light with four 750W high-output Focus light heads and two 750W Focus tri-pod flood lights. A 240VAC Hannay cord reel is mounted in the upper rear compartment with 200 ft. 10/4 cord connected to a power distribution box with four outlets. The box is split into two separate 120V circuits, providing maximum amperage output top all four outlets at 200 ft. The emergency light package is an all-strobe Whelen system with Whelen Traffic