Mobile Air and Light



Macon, Georgia

Air & Light


“Incredible performance.” That’s the sentiments expressed concerning Macon-Bibb County’s new emergency support vehicle. The Hackney DF0773 body is mounted on a Freightliner M2 four-door cab with seating for five firefighters. A 330-hp engine coupled with a 6-man Allison transmission provides more than enough power and acceleration, especially when maneuvering heavy traffic on and around Interstates 16 and 75. The short wheelbase enhances the maneuverability on tight rural roads and inside dense subdivisions.

The truck features Hackney V-MUX multiplexed electrical system with full color control console. The Vista display panel not only controls functions of the truck but provides color graphics of door ajar and tower up warnings and displays fluid levels, serial numbers, warranty information and much more.

A 40kw, 3-phase, 150-amp PTO generator is mounted inside the left front compartment, protected from corrosive elements associated with road spray. The generator power a Command Light with six 900-watt MagnaFire lamps, two 750-watt removable tripod flood lights, multiple power outlets, and the 20-hp compressor motor.

The utilization of Hackney’s drop/pinch frame increases the available storage capacity of the body, valuable considering the importance of minimizing the overall wheelbase and improving handling.

The breathing air compressor is a Scott 26.5 cfm using an Ingersoll cast-iron block assembly. The unique feature of the Ingersoll block is that it operates at a mere 1000 rpm’s, which produces a much quieter working environment as opposed to much higher rpm’s associated with rotary aluminum blocks. It also runs incredibly cool in the highest ambient temperatures and extreme humidity levels prevalent in central Georgia. Four 6000 psi ASME storage vessels are mounted opposite the compressor installation. Air flow is uninterrupted through the compartment insuring maximum performance.