Mobile Air and Light



Seattle, Washington

Air & Light


The Seattle Fire Department will be responding with a new Hackney DFC1164ADS Air/Light and HazMat truck mounted on a Spartan Diamond LFD cab/chassis with C9 Caterpillar engine, 6-speed Allison automatic transmission and “theater” seating.

This multi-tasking vehicle features Hackney’s exclusive, patent-pending Automatic Deploy Staircase (ADS), providing safe access to and from the roof where an additional large amount of storage space is available.

A 40-kw Onan PTO generator is mounted in the left front compartment, protected from corrosive road spray, and powers the light tower, upper side body floor lights, front cab brow light and a 20-hp, 25-cfm Scott breathing air compressor.

To further enhance the logistical support capability of the vehicle, full body length, electrically deployed awnings are installed on the left and right sides.

A fold-down ramp is provided for loading and unloading heavy wheeled carts. The ramp can be quickly relocated to several different compartments.

Cord reels, 6000 psi air reel and a large array of shelves and trays permit this vehicle to function in its multi-tasked rolls with ease due to the 40” floor to ceiling compartment depths, found only on a Hackney.

The Scott breathing air system features the RevolveAir fill station with a back-up cascade fill panel. Cascading is only required on this system should the system automatically shut-down due to poor ambient air quality. Note easy service access to the air filtration system. Hackney exclusive 80-lb capacity slide-out Speedi-Dri hopper is shown behind the rear wheels. Simply slide it out, pull the release handle and discharge Speedi-Dri into a portable container. Also visible are the LED compartment lights.