Baltimore, Maryland

Model TU1982 USAR


Baltimore County operates a Hackney 19-compartment USAR tractor/trailer to handle the densely populated counties frequent technical rescue and entrapment incidents. The 40-ft all-aluminum trailer features 43" deep compartments from the floor to the ceiling. The floor is only approximately 21" off the ground permitting easier equipment access. The trailer is pulled by a Freightliner M2-112 extended cab tractor with a 410 hp Caterpillar C13 engine and a 100-gallon fuel tank. A roll-up door transverse compartment is provided behind the driver and officer seats for storage of bunker gear and electronic monitoring equipment.

A 35,000 watt PTO generator on the tractor provides power to the trailer through a 150-amp umbilical cord connection. The generator powers a light tower with six multi-directional flood lights; six MagnaFire flood lights on the upper side body (3 each side); one MagnaFire on the upper rear body; two removable tripod flood lights on the front of the trailer; two cord reels with 200-ft 10/4 cable; and multiple power outlets inside and one the exterior of the trailer.

The trailer is fully multiplexed and features all LED NFPA Whelen warning lights; LED tail and clearance lights; LED compartment strip lights recessed in the side walls. In addition to the 240VAC flood lights there are also four 12vdc Havis Shields HID flood lights on the upper side body.

10,000 lb. receivers are provided on the left and right sides of the trailer for a 9000 lb. winch and/or placement of rope tie-off rings. Utility air is provided off the engine air compressor to a 150-ft air hose reel in the right tractor frame enclosure compartment. Six 78" high x 40" deep slide-out tool boards provides ample storage capacity for all long and hand tools. The balance of the compartments are provided with slide and slide/tilt trays and shelves.

The vast storage capacity of the low-profile pinched frame Hackney trailer design permits virtually all typical equipment for USAR and technical rescue responses to be transported in a single apparatus. Note the drop-down ramp for loading and unloading heavy wheeled equipment such as the Stanley Power Unit. Three 78" high x 40" deep tool boards facilitate storage of all long tools and air shores. Transverse belly compartments are specially designed for air shores and pads. Four 16-ft long coffin compartments on the roof provide additional storage capacity for less frequently used equipment.