Las Vegas, Nevada

Model TR1782


There are heavy rescues and then there are HEAVY rescues! When Clark County determined to add a heavy rescue to their fleet of emergency response vehicles, they chose a Hackney 17-compartment trailer to do the job. The rationale was to provide a single apparatus that could respond to the many facets of calls associated with one of America’s fastest growing metro areas where major construction is a constant.

The trailer is powered by a Spartan Gladiator tractor with 20” raised roof and Detroit 490 hp Series 60. A 15,000 lb. winch is installed in the front bumper with 10,000 lb. receivers on the trailer for attachment of a portable winch. Mounted behind the cab is a 185 cfm PTO driven air compressor with two NST outlets for air hammers, air knives and other utility requirements. It also supplies air to two conventional utility air hose reels with 150-ft of 3/8” hose.

A 24kw generator supplies electrical power to a NightScan light tower mounted on the front of the trailer, plus four upper side body 900-watt MagnaFire flood lights and one on the rear of the trailer. Compartment lighting is supplemented with 120VAC fluorescent lights. Two cord reels with 200-ft 10/4 cable supplies remote power.

Six compartments are installed on the roof for storage of supplement technical rescue equipment and ladders. A 44” wide x 52” high x 96” deep tunnel is located on the rear of the trailer for storage of shoring panels and assorted timbers, tripods and other collapse rescue equipment.

All the side compartments forward of the rear trailer wheels are 43" deep from lower floor to the top of the compartments. With the low profile trailer design (see drawings) all equipment is easily accessible with simplified inventory placement.

The tractor and trailer is fully multiplexed and includes a color LCD monitor in the cab for controlling all functions. The screen provides graphic (pictorial depiction) and textual alerts to the driver of compartment doors open (including roof) and light tower deployed. All tail lights, marker lights and emergency warning lights are LED. Compartment lighting is LED strip type on the compartment side walls.