Newton, Kansas

Gooseneck Technical Rescue/USAR


Newton Fire/EMS Department is part of a regional technical rescue response team for the central Kansas response area. Sandwiched between the Wichita and Hutchinson metroplexes along Interstate 35, they are positioned to respond rapidly anywhere in the region. The Hackney LT1164R trailer is rated at 14,000 lbs, yet the design permits it to be pulled by any pickup truck equipped with a fifth-wheel (as shown above). The gooseneck configuration permits easy maneuvering and excellent weight distribution. Electric brakes provide excellent stopping, even under full load.

The all-aluminum body features Hackney’s integral roll-up doors on both sides and rear providing rapid access and deployment of equipment. An 8-ft deep tunnel in the back of the trailer provides storage for multiple 4’ x 8” sheets of shoring panels and 8-ft timbers. The recessed roof features a 14.5-ft and 12-ft long coffin compartment and light tower. Compartments behind the roll-up doors provide dedicated storage of long backboards, stokes baskets and folding ladders. Multiple adjustable shelves, slide-out trays and slide/tilt trays accommodate specific technical rescue equipment. All exterior and interior lighting is LED to reduce amperage loads from the tow vehicle. The generator is mounted above the gooseneck and provides power for the light tower, perimeter and tripod flood lights and cord reels. Rounding out the complement is a 4-bank cascade fill station with six 6000 psi DOT storage cylinders.