Olathe Fire Department

Olathe, Kansas

Model TDD1287


Olathe, Kansas is the fourth most populous city in the state, with a population of over 126,000. It lays in the southern Kansas City metro area on the I-435 beltway.

Wikipedia records an interesting fact about the founding of the city: “Olathe was founded by Dr. John T. Barton in the spring of 1857. He rode to the center of Johnson County, Kansas, and staked two quarter sections of land as the town site. He later described his ride to friends: ‘...the prairie was covered with verbena and other wild flowers. I kept thinking the land was beautiful and that I should name the town Beautiful.’ Purportedly, Barton asked a Shawnee interpreter how to say "Beautiful" in his native language. The interpreter responded, ‘Olathe.’” Olathe's commercial and industrial parks are home to many companies, including Honeywell, Husqvarna, ALDI, Garmin, Grundfos, and Farmers Insurance Group.

Hazardous materials responses have grown to demand more technological responses requiring transporting not only a vast amount of specialized equipment, but technology functions to mitigate harm to its first responders and citizens at large. Olathe chose the Hackney drop-deck hazmat trailer for the task. The drop-deck frame permits not only easy ground access to bulky equipment, but facilitates incorporation of an easy entry and exit environmentally controlled logistics center. Here are some of the features and benefits of the trailer:



  • Freightliner M2-112 with Cummins ILS, 450-hp engine coupled with Allison 3000 EVS automatic transmission and 25,000# rear axle.
  • 70-gallon fuel tank
  • Alcoa LVL polished aluminum wheels (tractor and trailer)
  • Three (3) batteries rated at a total of 3375 CCA coupled to a 45-amp battery conditioner and Kussmaul auto-eject shorepower and air brake system charge pump.
  • Remote controlled and heated mirrors
  • Power windows
  • Air suspension seats
  • Automatic tire chains


  • Hackney model TDD1287 Drop-Deck with twelve (12) roll-up door exterior storage compartments and rear logistics center with side entrance door.
  • Two (2) curbside compartments with hinged doors for exterior TV and electronics cabinet access.
  • Neway air suspension
  • 185 CFM PTO driven rotary screw air compressor with NST outlets mounted behind cab with two remote mounted outlets

Exterior Compartments (see drawings):

  • All transverse divided as equipment storage demands for separate left and right access.
  • Compartments between axles 87” height (clear access).
  • Compartment over fifth wheel and rear axles 55” high (clear access).
  • Drop-down step platforms (full compartment width) for safely accessing upper reaches of compartments (3)
  • Electric awing on curbside covering logistics center entrance, exterior monitor compartment and SCBA cascade fill station.
  • Transverse tunnels in front compartment with five (5) individual tunnels for storage of stokes basket stretcher; long backboards; and (2) ladders.
  • Slide-out SCBA rack that accommodates eight (8) SCBA’s for back-up and go donning.
  • Spare SCBA bottle storage tubes for ten (10) bottles
  • Drop-down ramps (2) removable and re-locatable for rolling heavy equipment into compartments.
  • Slide-out absorbent hopper for rapid dispensing of granular material.
  • SpaceSaver two-bottle 4-bank cascade fill station with four (4) 6000 psi DOT receivers.

Roof Storage:

  • 208”L x 26”W x 12”H compartment on streetside
  • 250”L x 26”W x 12”H compartment on curbside

Interior Logistics Center (see drawings):

  • 162”L (13.5-ft) room at rear of trailer with curbside entrance.
  • Solid-surface work desk on front wall with large screen TV mounts on wall over desk.
  • Solid-surface work desk on streetside wall directly in front of side entrance door with large screen TV mounts on wall over desk.
  • Detection monitor storage cabinet on right front wall with vertically mounted power strip outlets for battery charging.
  • 37RU electronics mounting rack for networking, transceiver and server installation with full height hinged door on the interior and service access door on the exterior.
  • 64”L x 15”D equipment storage with adjustable shelves on curbside wall.
  • Six (6) left upper wall cabinets – 26”W x 14”H x 17”D with lift-up doors.
  • All cabinets powder-coated aluminum.
  • 80”L bench seat on streetside wall with backrest cushion and storage beneath.

12VDC Electrical:

  • Fully multiplexed tractor and trailer using V-MUX system with color Vista control panel.
  • Umbilical connection between tractor and trailer to permit disconnecting trailer.
  • Visual graphics and textual message displays for doors open, roof compartment lids raised, light tower and awning deployed; diagnostics screen; electronic data panel for chassis data, tire pressure, weights, color codes, warranty contact info, etc.
  • Whelen M6FCV4 LED taillight assembly
  • Whelen Dominator LED traffic advisor
  • Whelen 9SC0ENZR LED 9x10 scene lights; (3) each side and (2) upper rear of trailer.
  • Recessed LED sidewall compartment light strips
  • Whelen 80CREHCR re/clear dome lights in logistics center (8)
  • Whelen M-Series LED Warning lights and customer Whelen cab mounted light bar
  • Whelen 295HFS2 siren with two (2) bumper mounted speakers
  • Color backup camera
  • Columbia Capricorn Weather Station with telescoping rear mast
  • CAT6 cables routed throughout trailer terminating in electronics cabinet with 24-port patch panel in rack.
  • Channel Master TV antenna booster mounted in electronics rack
  • FireCom intercom system in tractor cab and (5) headsets in trailer

120/240VAC Electrical:

  • PowerTech 30KW diesel generator mounted in streetside front trailer compartment
  • Remote generator radiator on roof
  • 22-gallon fuel tank under front of trailer
  • 150-amp, 24-place breaker panel
  • 50-amp shorepower with 100-amp transfer switch
  • Isolated battery system for trailer with (3) Optima YellowTop deep cycle batteries, 80-amp charger/converter.
  • Hannay ECR1618-17-18, 240VAC cord reel with 200-ft 10/4 yellow cable
  • Akron power distribution box with (3) L5-20R and (1) 5-20R receptables. 240VAC inlet split into two separate 120VAC circuits.
  • Whelen Pioneer Plus LED telescoping flood lights on left and right side of front trailer panel
  • Whelen Pioneer Max Spot/Flood LED tripod flood lights on rear of trailer
  • NightScan light tower with (6) Whelen Pioneer LED lamps
  • Camera mounted on Nightscan
  • Roof mounted air conditioner
  • Wall mounted heater


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