Yonkers, New York

Model TU2100 USAR Trailer


The City of Yonkers Fire Department added a Hackney TU2100 USAR trailer to its fleet to handle extreme collapse incidents in and around the city. The 42-foot trailer features 21 compartments specifically designed for rapid deployment of all equipment.

It is transported by a Freightliner M2-112 tractor with a MBE, 410 hp engine and Allison 4000EVS 6-speed automatic transmission. The tractor is provide with 40,000 lb tandem rear axles and the trailer with 44,000 tandem axles with air suspension. The multiplexed tractor is tethered to the trailer through dedicated quick-release umbilical cables.

A 30kw Kohler diesel generator provides power for two NightScan light towers, each with six multi-directional flood lights heads . A separate 22 gallon tank supplies fuel for the generator. Four 240VAC cord reels with duplex 120VAC junction boxes provide remote power up to 200-ft from the trailer. Additional lighting is provided by two (2) removable tripod floods and five (5) upper body flood lights (2 each side and one rear). The generator also powers a Hurst Trimo hydraulic power unit connected 100-ft hydraulic hose reels.

A PTO driven 185 cfm rotary air compressor provides an air supply for remote operation of multiple jack hammers and other pneumatic tools.

Electrically deployed awnings are installed on both sides of the trailer providing equipment staging and rehab areas.

10,000 psi receivers are provided on both sides with 12vdc power sources for installation of a 9000 lb electric winch or tie-off points for rope. In addition to the portable winches, a 15,000 lb. Warn winch is installed in the front bumper.

Two 16-ft coffin compartments are provided on the roof with split, hinged lids. Roof access is provided by an OSHA ladder on the front of the trailer.

A rear tunnel compartment provides dedicated storage for shoring panels and timbers. A separate tunnel stores six (6) finform panels with attached strongback. A center tunnel stored twelve (12) 4 x 8 sheets of plywood. Three individual tunnels store various size 12-ft lengths of timbers ranging from 2x4’s; 4x4’s; 2x6’s and 2x8’s. Panels and timbers slide easily out the tunnels individually.

One compartment over the fifth wheel stores a Paratech USAR air bag compliment consisting of 28 air bags and inflation control box. Three transverse belly compartments store all airshores and air shore pads on two-way roll-out trays. A dedicated compartment for the Stanley Power tool features a drop-down ramp for one-man loading and unloading that eliminates the need for lifting. A number of the compartments are provided with drop-down step platforms that permits easy access to equipment stored in the upper shelves.

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