Unique Hackney Features

The following features are available only when the exclusive Hackney Drop/Pinch Frame technology is specified. See how much more equipment you can carry on a Hackney vs. any other rescue truck.
Drop/ Pinch Frame

The Hackney Classic rescue body is specifically designed to take advantage of the drop/pinch frame technology and is structurally the strongest body available, not to mention all the additional storage capacity and flexibility it affords. All medium and heavy chassis manufactures have certified the application, plus rigorous testing is performed on every modification performed prior to installation of the body (see video) and related engineering information.

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A Pro-e Viewpoint

The Pro-E  model of the Hackney Classic body mounted on a drop/pinch frame depicts the standard PTO generator setup mounted inside, not beneath, the body. Floor depths are not restricted by frame rails allowing 40” to 42” (depending on selected chassis) from bottom to top. This adds up to 40% more storage capacity in the area below the OEM frame rail height. That translates into a myriad of practical ways to utilize that bonus storage space, some of which are outlined in Tool Boards and Drawers.

A cross-sectional view depicts the “A” frame that straddles the pinch frame and the bottom of the body resting on the drop frame assembly. That’s why the Hackney Classis body compartment floors can support up to 2500 lbs. of direct weight compared to most all other rescue bodies of not more than 1000 lbs., many less. Also shown are the integral roof compartments on the recessed roof models.

Download:    Frame Stress Test

Drop/ Pinch Frame Pro-EDrop/ Pinch Frame Pro-E
What can 40" to 42" of floor-level compartment depth do for you?
  • Compartment Depth - Tool Boards
  • Compartment Depth - Tool Boards
  • Compartment Depth - Tool Boards
Sliding Storage with Quick access - Tool Boards

Configurations such as these are impossible to attain without the 40” to 42” compartment depth afforded by the drop/pinch frame. Full depth, full height tool boards designed to be loaded on both sides and slide completely out of the compartment for easy  retrieval of even heavy equipment. 

Compartment Depth - Bulky EquipmentCompartment Depth - Bulky Equipment
Heavy & Bulky Equipment handling Made Easy

Rolling a heavy Stanley Tool and breakers directly into the body or storing overpack drums on the floor for simple retrieval is impossible without incorporation of the drop/pinch frame. Other large and bulky items, such as inflatable tents, typically require lifting above the frame rail height into a transverse compartment, whereas on a Hackney that kind of heavy and difficult to handle equipment can be stored down low to the ground inside a Hackney body or trailer.

SCBA Slide-out RackSCBA Slide-out Rack
SCBA Slide-out Rack

Imagine stuffing up to twelve complete SCBA’s on a single slide-out rack for “backup and go donning “capabilities and take up no more space than this. Just another benefit of the drop/pinch frame that provides 40” of compartment depth at the bottom of the compartment.




Optional 40” deep tool drawers at lower floor level. A lot of tool storage without consuming a lot of compartment space.

Super-Duty Drawers

A 100” wide x 40” deep equipment drawer with a 600 lb. weight rating. Now that’s super!  Designed to carry bulky equipment such as turn-out gear, Level A suits, spill containment equipment and hoses, large air bags. Widths can be custom designed down to 40”.