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Model CM1400-2013




FORD F-550 - 2-DR/2WD - 108"CA

  • XL trim level  (XLT available as option)
  • Prep Package: 47A Emergency Vehicle
  • Engine: 6.7L Power Stroke 300hp @ 2800rpm; 660 lb-ft @ 1600rpm Turbo Diesel with aux. idle control
  • Transmission: Heavy-duty TorqShift 6-speed SelectShift automatic
  • Front Axle: 7000# Dana monobeam; forged steel
  • Rear Axle: 14,706# Dana S130 with limited slip differential
  • Rear Axle Ratio: 4.88
  • Tires: 225/70R19.5 AS-BSW
  • Driver/Passenger Seats: Individual high back vinyl with shoulder harness and lap belts
  • Alternator (factory installed): Dual 160-amp
  • Air Conditioner

Fluid Level Data – Digital Display on VISTA LCD control panel
Vehicle Data Recorder (VDR)

  • Recording:  vehicle speed; acceleration; deceleration; engine speed; engine throttle position; ABS event; seat occupied status; seat belt status; master optical warning switch; park brake; service brake; time; date; engine hours

Warning Plate – Vehicle Specification Data

  • Includes: Vehicle Height; Vehicle Length; Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR);  Vehicle Occupancy Maximum

Engine compartment light – 5” LED
Cab Step Lights - LED (PR)
Tire Pressure Monitors - 6-Wheel
Tow Eye Plates – black powder-coated under rear body (PR)

  • Modular in design and constructed completely of aluminum
  • Welded, all interlocking extrusion structural design
  • 5052-H32 1/8” thick aircraft structural aluminum panels
  • All seams continuously welded and or interlocked to structural extruded shapes 
  • .125"" bright aluminum rear kick panel extending from bottom of body to floor level
  • Roof covered with bright aluminum treadplate welded around perimeter
  • Floor Structure: 2" x 3" x .125" thick extruded aluminum structural box tubing welded to 4" high x 2.75" wide aluminum I-beam lateral and longitudinal floor structural members
  • Warranty: 10 year structural integrity
  • Body Paint, fire service mirror finish, one-color with all wheels painted to match
  • Body Length:                             168" (14-ft)
  • Body Width:                               98"
  • Overall Height:                          133" (ground-to-top of AC)
  • Interior Headroom:                 84"


  • Left (Street) Side:
    • #1 Forward of rear wheels: 48" wide x 14" high x 20" deep with double vertically hinged doors
  • Right (Curb) Side:
    • #1 Forward of rear wheels: Generator compartment 37" wide x 28" high x 26" deep with double vertically hinged doors.
    • Personnel entrance door with 30” high x 18” wide sliding window

Crash Rails, lower body – C-channel aluminum
Stone Guards on each body corner – bright aluminum treadplate
Rear Step Bumper – Steel attached directly to frame rails covered with aggressive bright treadplate
Wheel Chocks (2)
Antenna mounting rails – 58” long on left and right side of roof with weatherproof coaxial port
Data Entry Port with access door on exterior side wall in front of electronics rack
Interior walls, ceiling and floor insulated
Interior walls covered with either sound-deadening carpet or white Kemlite (customer choice)
Lonseal rubberized safety flooring (no seams)

Separate comms, galley and conference rooms with pocket door for each room
Cabinets and Work Centers:

  • Formed aluminum with powder-coated exterior finish (customer color choice)
  • Horizontally hinged overhead doors have mechanical folding hold open mechanism to automatically hold door to an approximate 85-degree opening.
  • Polished acrylic counter tops and tables with rounded bull-nose edges
  • See drawings for cabinet locations and sizes
  • Two-person communications console with cable routing access
  • 33RU Electronic rack with single, hinged, ventilated door
  • 60" x 30" Conference table
  • Chairs, swivel desk (6)

Multiplexed cab and body electrical system

  • Cab console between seats
    • Black power-coated finish
    • Access pocket storage at back of console with hinged lid - 10" x 12" opening
    • Microphone clip
    • Flexshaft map light and (2) 12VDC power point receptacles
  • LED clearance lights and DOT reflectors
  • LED STOP/TURN/BACKUP Lights – individual with chromed bezels
    • Jake brake stop light activation (projects four multiple impulse flashes on brake lights after application of brakes and then reverts to steady burn brake signals
  • Auxiliary LED turn signals, amber in lower side body crash rails
  • Scene Lights – Upper side body (4) - Whelen 90 LED Opti-Scene
  • Scene Lights – Upper rear body (2) - Whelen 90 LED Opti-Scene
  • Compartment Lights – LED
  • Compartment Open warning light and graphical depiction
  • Ground Lights – LED mounted under body fore and aft of rear wheels and under rear bumper
  • Interior dome lights; (10) Whelen 8” Super-LED with (6) clear diodes with high/low intensity setting and  (3) red diodes for muted lighting

12VDC Power strip, 30-amp - (6) terminals in cab console for radios and other 12vdc equipment
Back-up Alarm
Rearview color backup camera with low-light vision
Antenna coaxial cable routed from roof to cab console
240/120vac Electrical System:

  • Generator, 8kw diesel load test and certified by UL to  NFPA 1901, Chapter 23.16.2 requirements upon completion of the command vehicle at the factory
  • Power Distribution Panel next to entrance door: Mounted on swing out panel for service access; 23-place 120vac; 3-place 240vac; 100-amp transfer switch from GEN to SHORE; Ceiling Light Switches; Generator Remote and Monitoring Panel; Air Conditioner Thermostats by room; Slide-out Room Actuator Switch (if applicable)
  • 30-amp Shorepower Inlet
  • Body Battery System:
    • 90-amp power supply that charges chassis and body batteries
    • Battery Separator/Isolator - body and chassis batteries isolated
    • Interconnect controller to charge batteries from a single or multiple power source
    • Separator logic disconnects two circuits when the voltage falls below battery resting voltage
    • (2) Optima brand Yellow-Top deep-cycle batteries rated at 950 CCA each. 
  • Duplex 120vac, 20-amp interior outlets with GFI (7)
  • 120vac strip outlets with 15-amp plugs spaced every 6” (1)
  • Air Conditioner, roof-mounted plumbed to single air duct system for redundant air flow from all AC units: (4) supply; (2) return
  • Heaters, 120vac, 1500-watt (2)


Model CM1400-2013 Model CM1400-2013