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Model DFC1164R 24-2013

Heavy Rescue



Spartan MetroStar MFD custom cab/chassis with 10" raised roof
Four-door cab with six (6) seating positions
GAWR Front 18,000 lbs.
GAWR Rear 24,000 lbs. 
Occupant Protection Advanced Protection System          
Cab Paint Exterior - Single Color
Data Recording System (VDR)
Engine: Diesel 350HP Cummins ISC8.3    

  • Auxiliary engine brake - VG Turbo with On/Off switch panel
  • Engine Warranty Cummins (5) Year/100,000 Miles   
  • Electronic low coolant level indicator
  • Silicone Heater & Radiator hoses

Transmission - Allison 3000 EVS automatic – 6-speed

  • Transmission shift selector key pad – push-button type
  • Electronic transmission oil level indicator
  • Transmission Warranty - Allison (5) Year

Fuel Tank - 50 gallon

  • Fuel Filter/Water Separator w/warning light and alarm
  • Electric Fuel Primer – engine supply electric lift pump
  • Fuel cooler above rear axle

Front Axle: 18, 000 lb. beam with 50-degree cramp angle

  • Front Shock Absorbers - Bilstein
  • Tilt/Telescopic steering column with 18" 4-spoke steering wheel
  • Electronic power steering fluid level indicator

Rear Axle: 24,000 lb.

  • Front: 315/80R 22.5 Michelin XZA1 (2)
  • Rear: 11R 22.5 Michelin XDN2 (4)
  • Tire pressure indicators: front dial & rear pop-up
  • Painted steel wheels

Brake System

  • ABS
  • Front Brakes: S-Cam Drum 16.5" x 6"
  • Rear Brakes: S-Cam Drum 16.5" x 7"
  • Front and rear brake slack adjusters
  • Air Dryer: Wabco System Saver 1200
  • Air Compressor Wabco SS318 18.7 CFM

Frame Warranty - Lifetime
Front Bumper:  Stainless steel
Tow hooks under front bumper
Climate Control: Heater; Defroster; Air Conditioner

  • Driver: Seats Inc Battalion 2-Way Manual ABTS
  • Officer: Seats Inc Battalion Fixed ABTS with SCBA cradle-back
  • Rear – Rear Facing, Seats Inc Battalion flip-up; one left outer and one right outer with SCBA cradle-back
  • Seat – Rear Forward Facing; (2) Seats Inc Battalion flip-up centered with SCBA cradle-back
  • Seat Belt Warning System integrated to VDR
  • Seat Material – Ballistic, black
  • Seat belts and shoulder harnesses – red
  • Occupant Protection System
  • Helmet holders above all seating positions

Mirrors: Remount controlled and heated
Ignition Master Switch - Keyless Start
Batteries: (6) Group 31
Alternator: Leece-Neville 270-amp
Accessory Power and ground stud – 40-amp battery direct and 15-amp ignition switched             
Shorepower Inlet: 120V; 20-amp
Front Cab Turn Signals: Whelen 600 LED
Side Turn/Marker and cab ICC marker lights - LED
Interior overhead Light - Weldon w/front map Lights
Diagnostic Software Occupant Protection Advanced Protection System
Fluid Level Data – Digital Display on VISTA LCD control panel
Vehicle Data Recorder (VDR)

  • Recording:  vehicle speed; acceleration; deceleration; engine speed; engine throttle position; ABS event; seat occupied status; seat belt status; master optical warning switch; park brake; service brake; time; date; engine hours

Warning Plate – Vehicle Specification Data

  • Includes: Vehicle Height; Vehicle Length; Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR);  Vehicle Occupancy Maximum

Tow Eye Plates – black powder-coated under rear body(PR)
Drop/Pinch Frame

  • OEM Rail location pinched inward to provide 40" comp't depths full height on all compartment forward of rear axle

All-Aluminum Rescue Body Construction

  • 10 year structural warranty
  •  All compartments rated at a minimum of 2300 lbs. load capacity each
  • All compartments with roll-up doors, painted to match body & cab with integral door tracks - compartment interior width equal to door pass-thru
  • Bright aluminum tread plate roof welded around perimeter
  •  .190 smooth aluminum front and rear covers
  •  Integral adjustable shelf track recessed in side walls 

Rescue Body - 11-compartments and 24” deep recessed roof:
Street (Left) Side:

  • S-1 - 48W x 63H x 40D
  • S-2 - 48W x 63H x 40D
  • S-3 - 52W x 38H x 90D
  • S-4 - 27W x 38H x 90D
  • S-5 - 40W x 63H x 24D

Curb (Right) Side:

  • C-1 - 48W x 63H x 40D
  • C-2 - 48W x 63H x 40D
  • C-3 - 52W x 38H x 90D
  • C-4 - 27W x 38H x 90D
  • C-5 - 40W x 63H x 24D

Back (Rear):

  • B-1 - 42W x 63H x 40D"Fenderttes, Rear wheel openings – Stainless Steel (PR)

Stone Guards, bright aluminum treadplate on each body corner
Steps, recessed in wheelskirt panels fore and aft or rear wheels; removable step bar across rear wheels
Rear full body width step bumper overlaid with bright aluminum treadplate with punched anti-slip step surface
Wheel Chocks, Zico collapsible with under body holders
Mud Flaps behind rear wheels – black rubber
Adjustable Shelf Tracks recessed into all compartment side walls
Recessed roof for placement of coffin compartments and light tower (if selected as option)

  • Left Coffin compartment: 167” long x 26” wide x 24” deep
  • Right Coffin compartment: 144” long x 26” wide x 24” high
  • Forward open area for installation of optional light tower or third coffin compartment
  • Roof Access Ladder – OSHA compliant – extends 7” above walking surface
  • Black Turtle-Tile walking surface in recessed roof work zone

Body Paint

  • Match cab color (second color optional)
  • Clear urethane top coat - mirror finish (no "orange peel" effect)
  • Touch-up paint (1 quart)

Compartment interior coating - Zolatone) - Silver Gray
Body and Frame Undercoating
Reflective cab and body stripping - 6" left and right sides; 4” front bumper or cab
Chevron pattern rear stripping - 6" alternating stripes @ 45-degree angles

Multiplexed cab and body electrical system

  • Vista LCD color control panel on or in dash
    • Diagnostics screen
    • Fluid level screen
    • Warranty notification screen
    • Engine automatic high idle
    • Temperature read-out – external
    • Digital and graphical message display
      • Street side cab doors are not secured
      • Street side body doors are not secured
      • Curb side cab doors are not secured
      • Curb side body doors are not secured
      •  Rear door is not secure
      • Light tower not stowed (if applicable)
      • Awning is not stowed (if applicable)

LED clearance lights and DOT reflectors
LED STOP/TURN/BACKUP Lights – individual with chromed bezels

  • Jake brake stop light activation (projects four multiple impulse flashes on brake lights after application of brakes and then reverts to steady burn brake signals

Auxiliary LED turn signals, amber in lower side body crash rails
Traffic Advisor Light Bar – LED on upper rear body
Scene Lights – Upper side body (4) - Whelen 90 LED Opti-Scene

  • Activated manually, with respective turn signals or in reverse mode

Scene Lights – Upper rear body (2) - Whelen 90 LED Opti-Scene

  • Activated manually or in reverse mode

Compartment Lights – LED strip recessed into aft side walls
Compartment Open warning light and graphical depiction
Ground Lights – LED mounted under body fore and aft of rear wheels and under rear bumper
NFPA Warning Lights:

  • Whelen Ultra-Freedom FN72QLED - 72" Light Bar on cab roof
  • Whelen  60R02FRR Linear Super-LED (2) mounted above headlights – Lower Zone A
  • Headlight Wig-Wag flasher pattern
  • Whelen 60R02FRR Super-LED (2)  - Intersectors – Lower Zone B/D
  • Whelen 60R02FRR Linear Super-LED  (4)  - recessed in body crash rails – Lower Zone B/D
  • Whelen  60R02FRR Linear Super-LED (2)   - Lower rear body – Lower Zone C
  • Whelen 90RR5FRR Linear Super-LED  (4)  - Upper side body – Upper Zone B/D
  • Whelen 90RR5FRR Linear Super-LED (2)  - Upper rear body – Upper Zone C

Siren, Electronic – Whelen 295HFS2 with horn/siren switch
Siren Speaker – 100-watt mounted in front bumper
Air Horns: (2) 21" Round Hadley E-Tone in bumper with foot switch for driver and officer
12VDC Power strip, 30-amp - (6) terminals in cab console for radios and other 12vdc equipment
Back-up Alarm
Rearview color backup camera with low-light vision
Antenna coaxial cable routed from roof to cab console


Model DFC1164R24-2013 Model DFC1164R24-2013 Model DFC1164R24-2013 Model DFC1164R24-2013