HazMat response vehicles may vary in size and color, but, its mission always involves mitigation and the requirement to transport a lot of bulky equipment is imperative. 

To effectively do that it helps to have a Hackney in your fleet. The low-to-ground floor height and 40” to 42” deep compartment floors facilitate storage of heavy and bulky equipment such as overpack drums, inflatable tents, environmental systems and other equipment required to be stored above frame rail height on conventional emergency vehicle bodies.

Storage Capacity

Storage Capacity

HazMat trailers provide over upwards of 1500 cu.ft. of storage capacity with the added benefit of short turning radius and low ground height. Equipment storage allows quick identification and retrieveal. Models are available in equipment hauling configuration only,  or configurations with science labs and/or command centers on the rear and open rear interiors with integral ramp for moving all-terrain vehicles or other wheeled equipment, such as decon tables, in and out of the trailer. Tractors are available in any conventional commercial models or Spartan customs with cab command center.

Storage Capacity
Compartment Depth
A Place for Everything

No other body design provides the compartment storage capacity as Hackney. Note the 42” of depth at the floor level to top of compartment. Recessed door tracks, adjustable shelf tracks and LED lighting permits shelves and trays to extend fully wall-to-wall. Drop-down steps allow safe access to equipment in the upper reaches.



Rear Loaded

All-Terrain vehicles may be loaded into the rear of the drop-deck trailer models.