Homeland Security

Command & Communications

Hackney’s line of homeland security vehicles covers a wide range of body designs for all types of disaster preparedness and response. These range from fully integrated small to large platform command and communications vehicles, to EOD response, to training labs.

Command & Communications

Command and Communications vehicles are an essential element to well managed disasters and incident control. Hackney offers a wide variety of platforms to meet the agencies specific requirements and budgets.

Body lengths range from 14-ft on a Ford F550 or International TerraStar to 30-ft models on HME or Spartan custom cabs. 


Interior Design
Interior Design

All interiors feature aluminum cabinetry with full-length finger release latches. Colors may be specified. Floor is rubberized, anti-slip seamless.  Counter tops and desks are solid-surface with rounded bullnose edges.  Walls and ceilings may be covered with noise reduction pile carpet or white ABS.

Interior Design Interior Design
Conference Centers
Conference Centers
Conference Centers

Conference centers are isolated from traffic by sliding pocket doors. Interiors may be custom designed with table lengths based on number of occupants. Seating may be bench with storage or individual roller chairs. Side walls can be configured with cabinets, windows, or whiteboards. Slide-out walls are available where additional work space is required. Conference rooms are heated and cooled by redundant air duct discharges and return vents, so individual rooms remain comfortable even when the pocket doors are closed. Note pop-up receptacles in table top for AC power, Ethernet and HDMI connections.

Work Stations
Work Stations

Work stations are configured based on customer preference with fixed computer workstations or laptops. Ethernet and HDMI ports are strategically located along the wall. Work stations can be installed in slide-out walls for increased work space.

Slide-Out Rooms
Slide-Out Rooms

Slide-out rooms are automatically deployed and stowed by pneumatic controls by depressing a single button. Floors do not allow ambient air into the room when deployed.

Customized CommandCustomized Command
Customized Command

Storage cabinet faces can be powder-coated to match interior color scheme or finished with a white marker board surface. Mounting rails for monitors and other electronic equipment can be specified above all desk and work surfaces. Slide-out drawers with or without locks are available for routine storage or filing cabinet configuration.

360 View


Access StepsAccess Steps
Access Steps

Personnel access to the interior is provided by drop-down steps. Picture at right shows steps stowed.

Also shown on right is the generator compartment with air intake vents.


Access RampsCustom Interiors
Access Ramps

Ramps may be added to move wheeled equipment in and out of the interior. Ramps are stored in trays beneath the floor on the side or out the rear of the body.


Custom Interiors

Regardless of the specified use for the interior of all Hackney Command Series Bodies, chances are it can be accommodated.  Shown here is a clinical simulation training lab with identical rooms on each end of the vehicle and monitoring station in the center.

Power Distribution Panel
Power Distribution Panel

AC and DC power terminates in a panel normally located next to the entrance door. The generator to shorepower transfer switch is conveniently located at the top of the panel along with individual breaker switches below and digital voltmeter and ammeter. DC breaker with digital volt and ammeter are located below. All switches are labeled and backlighted. Note generator remote start switch, individual room thermostats, room deployment switch and CO monitor are also conveniently accessible in the same location.



VisionComms Rack
Full communications, audio and video integration services

Systems include radio gateway system that patches any radio frequency between radios or radios to telephone or cellphone for interoperable voice communication.

Redundant connectivity is provided in prioritized sequencing that provides connectivity through VSAT, 3G/4G, WiFi or available external Ethernet or fiberoptics connections. 

All integrated systems are custom designed . The system is pre-programmed to sequentially start up all integrated components by activation of a single button.  When the workstation monitors light up, the system is ready to begin operations. No worries related to forgetting proper start up sequences or forgetting to activate a critical component.


If you acquired a mobile command and communications vehicles more than two years ago, chances are it does not have current technological capabilities for enhanced interoperable communications and on-site networking.

Hackney has resident electronic communications engineers that are available for evaluation and consultation on how to refresh or incorporate current technologies into your existing vehicle for far less than you might think. Integration of an eight-channel radio gateway that permits communicating between disparate radio frequencies and ability to patch any radio frequency to any telephone, cellular phone or any other voice communications device. Wireless WiFi networks that creates a powerful “hotspot” up to one-quarter mile around the vehicle, permitting authorized users to access the network from laptops, tablets and smartphones. Satellite and/or 3G/4G connectivity for remote access to the internet for moving data, VoIP telephone calls, email, etc. Any or all of these and other services can be performed by the Hackney team.

Contact us and take  the first step toward moving your command vehicle into the 21st Century.