Refurbished Conversions

Even with tight budgets it is possible to have a large capacity rescue for a small price. Bodies are inspected and re-certified with a new 10-warranty structural warranty. Body refurbishment includes replacing all roll-up doors and door tracks with new, balanced doors and high quality paint finish. Conversions can include your choice of chassis with certified and warranted drop/pinch frame modifications; modification of the body to add needed configurations for accommodating firefighters or special equipment; installation of multiplexed electrical systems with NFPA 1901 compliant LED warning and compartments lights. PTO generator with light tower, body mounted flood lights and cord reels; breathing air systems; and much more.



This donated beverage truck was converted by Hackney to a NFPA 1901 compliant rescue and support vehicle. The front compartment was converted to a crew cabin with three SCBA seats and heater/air conditioner. That was in 2000. In late 2012 it was mounted on a new Kenworth chassis and upgraded to LED warning lights.

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A former donated beverage truck was re-painted by the fire department. It was later sent to Hackney for conversion to a NFPA 1901 compliant rescue. The old chassis was replaced with a new Freightliner M2.

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Many times an existing apparatus body may be damaged, worn out or corroded beyond repair but the chassis drivetrain is still in good condition with low hours. It could very possibly be a prime candidate for re-purposing. In the case of a custom fire chassis, re-purpose could save the department not less than $170,000.

Hackney will design a new apparatus utilizing your existing chassis and provide a current technology specialized emergency response apparatus such as examples shown below. The cab will get new seats, interior trim and floor covering and paint job. When completed, many times it is difficult to tell the chassis has  had a previous life.

Call your Hackney dealer or Regional Sales Manager to discuss how you can get that new special service apparatus and save your department huge dollars. 

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The City of Oakville, Ontario saved over $170,000 by using an existing pumper chassis and converting it into a Mobile Command Vehicle. The rear of the cab was modified as an Incident Commanders post separated from the busy rear communications and conference rooms and galley. Click here for more information on the re-purposed apparatus.

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The City of Charlotte saved over $200,000 by using an existing pumper chassis and converting it to a much needed HazMat. Click here for more information on the re-purposed apparatus.

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